FishMagnet-2 electronic bait is intended to lure fish from distant parts of a water body to the fishing place during both summer and winter fishing.

The device starts operating automatically when immersed into water. In this case, water, which is known to be a current conductor, plays the role of a switch. Thus, the device switches on as soon as water fills the space between electrical contacts on the red end cap of the device. Please note that water conductivity is much lower than metal one, therefore, signals generated by the device being in water is substantially weaker than those that are emitted when the contacts are closed with a metal object. However, and sense organs of fishes considerably more, than human, are susceptible to the signals generated by the device.

All known methods of fish luring affect only one of the natural instincts of the fish. FishMagnet-2 lures it affecting three of them: sight, hearing, and sensitivity to vibration.

Light signal: the periodic blinking of a bright LED directly affects the vision of fish. It is particularly effective during the hours of darkness or in clear rivers, where the river flow noise can reduce the effect of vibration and sound.

 Acoustic influence: low-frequency waves selected during the experiments and emitted by the bait go through the water at a distance of up to 900 meters (in seawater – up to 1100 meters). It is especially useful when the device is to be used in muddy or completely opaque waters.

Mechanical vibrations: the device generates vibrations that propagate in the water and affect the lateral line of fish.

As a result, the fish feels a pleasant impact of FishMagnet-2 with all their receptors; they come close to the device from remote parts of a water body and move in circles within 1-20 meters from the bait.



1. FishMagnet-2 affects and lures all types of fish to a certain extent, but has a maximum effect on predatory and large fish.

2. Select the fishing place experimentally when using FishMagnet-2 device.

General recommendations: fishing should be carried out within 1-10 meters from Fishmagnet-2 STANDART bait, within 3-15 meters from Fishmagnet-2 UNIVERSAL, Fishmagnet-2 LUX, Fishmagnet-2 LUX MAXIMUM, Fishmagnet-2 MODERN, Fishmagnet-2 MODERN PLUS and Fishmagnet-2 SUPERSOUND (in case of using jumpers to close the contacts).

3. Determinate FishMagnet-2 immersion depth experimentally.

General recommendations: the depth of FishMagnet-2 immersion should be approximately equal to the depth of fishing.

4. Winter fishing: put the device into the neighboring hole in ice (at a distance of 2-5 meters from the hole where you fishing), if it is not possible, put the device in the same hole where you fishing, but at a different depth which is 2-5 meters above or below the fishing depth.

5. Fishing in fast flow: put the device preferably upstream from your fishing place.