New! Electronic fish bait Fishmagnet-2 Mini variant 3
New! Electronic fish bait Fishmagnet-2 Mini variant 3 New! Electronic fish bait Fishmagnet-2 Mini variant 3 New! Electronic fish bait Fishmagnet-2 Mini variant 3 New! Electronic fish bait Fishmagnet-2 Mini variant 3
Kod produktu: Fishmagnet-2 Mini variant3
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Electronic fish bait "Fishmagnet-2 Mini" is used for bottom fishing in summer and winter. The device simulates the vibrations of bloodworms and other living bottom organisms, which are the main food for fish, as well as the sounds of grinding the feed of the pharyngeal teeth of the partial fish species. Additionally, it attracts fish with light flicker at a frequency close to that of marine plankton. The range of the bait is up to 50 meters (depending on the type of fish).

The device does not require additional settings.

The bait comes with a stainless steel base. The base serves to increase the weight and, if necessary, use hooks on a strong current.

The bait starts to work immediately when immersed in water and turns off when extracted from water.

The bait resource at constant work is more than 1200 hours (several years of operation).

Replacement of batteries is not provided. Trying to replace the batteries by yourself can lead to a depressurization of the device and, as a result, its failure.

The electronic bait "FishMagnet-2 Mini" attracts fish, affecting all organs of perception of fish:
- sensory organs of the lateral line system when creating an electronic generator of water oscillations that imitate the movements of water insects, which are the main food for fish,
- hearing organs, when the electronic unit produces sounds of the process of capturing and grinding fish feed,
- perception of light signals (flickering of LEDs with the frequency of glow of plankton),
- visual stimuli (transparent walls of the container where the bloodworm, caddis flies or other aquatic inhabitants move) (for variants 2,3,4),
- smell (smell of bait in the container) (for variants 2,3,4),
- taste receptors (live food or feed mixture penetrates out through the container openings) (for variants 2,3,4).
As a result, the fish feels all the receptors pleasant for it "FishMagnet-2 Mini", approaching the device from the remote parts of the reservoir and circling around the bait. 


Fishmagnet-2 Mini Variant 3 - with a container for the feed mixture or live baits.

The volume of the container is 33 cubic centimeters.

It is recommended to use a feed mixture with a grinding fraction up to 4 millimeters.


The electronic fish baits Fishmagnet-2 Mini are delivered from the warehouse Fishmagnet in Russia by Russian Post, EMS Russian Post or DHL express.


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