Electronic fishing jig (mormyshka) 1 piece blue
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Flickering LED fishing jigs of the midget Fishmagnet-2 size actively attract omnivorous and small-sized predatory fishes with play of light and the pulsating micropowerful electromagnetic field. A wide choice of a color gamma of the baits differing on brightness to the mode of flicker allows to pick up baits for any conditions of catching. For fixing to a scaffold in the fishing jig of "Fishmagnet-2" the strong handle is provided. It allows to use any type of a scaffold without loss durabilities on a node.

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Flickering subminiature electronic fishing jigs of "Fishmagnet-2" - the unique product combining the modern achievements of microelectronics with manual design.
The chip - LEDs, controllers of control and batteries of fishing jigs are mounted on miniature substrates. On the same substrates hooks and handles for fixing of baits to a scaffold are set. Rather rugged construction amplifies a compound which all devices pupate. Is a part of compounds phosphors of the different flowers corresponding to flowers of LEDs. Phosphors provide the long afterglow after charging with a light source. Brightness and color of a glow of phosphors change over time. On the contrary, LEDs have constant brightness during all service life. For electronic fishing jigs of Fishmagnet-2 design life makes about 500 hours. Effective LEDs provide the average level of brightness. Duration of flashouts of LEDs about 0,1 sec. or 0,2 sec., duration of pauses - 1 or 2 sec. Fishing jigs are equipped with hooks No.8 or No.6. Overall dimensions of fishing jig without hook 1,2 x 0,8 x 0,6 cm. The mass of baits - 0,8 g. The fishing jigs switch on automatically in case of hit in water, are disconnected - in case of extraction from water.

Subminiature electronic fishing jigs are usually used together with animal or, more rare, a vegetable bait. The small worm, a crank, a maggot, a larva of a caddis fly well are suitable for fresh-water reservoirs. On sea fishing - a krill, pieces of a squid or any other local bait of the fitting size.

The simplest application of electronic fishing jigs - their use on traditional float rods. On a scaffold instead of a hook it is established one or two electronic fishing jigs.

Electronic fishing jigs with success are used on onboard and winter rods "in a plumb" or with ground freight. Electronic fishing jigs on "production" tackles are effective too. 

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This electronic fishing jigs are delivered from the warehouse Fishmagnet in Russia by Russian Post, EMS Russian Post or DHL express.

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