The warranty period for the products supplied is 12 months starting from the date of delivery from the factory. If during this period there will be any malfunction of the product due to our fault, we accept the responsibility to replace the product.

Our company will cover any repair costs in this period.

The warranty shall not cover a malfunction in any of the following conditions:

1. Improper handling or operation by a user.

2. Problems through no fault of our company.

3. Changes to the construction and repairs performed not by our company.

4. Handling, storage or operation in an environment exceeding the specification conditions.

5. Failures related to consumables and materials.

6. Other failures that are not caused by our company.

This warranty applies to supplied products only. We do not take responsibility for any direct or indirect damage caused by malfunction of the product supplied. The warranty period and warranty coverage of the devices that are not manufactured by our company are determined by the respective manufacturers of the devices, notwithstanding the provisions of this document.


Note! The bait case (package) has a sign of Recycling Code. It is used to mark the material of the object and to simplify the procedure of sorting before sending for recycling or reuse.

Note! The device case (packing) has a crossed-out wheeled-bin mark, which indicates that it cannot be disposed with other household waste.

Component parts: dispose plastic pipe, shrinking hose, radio elements, wires, blister pack and charger in special containers.