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FishMagnet-2 is an electronic fishing bait that is an alternative to the natural baits, which the anglers usually use, such as bread, porridge, dough, etc. However, the electronic bait is more convenient in use, allows to reduce duration of preparation for fishing, giving the chance to find more time directly for catching. There is no risk overfeed your fish that is always present when natural baits. Finally, the use of a "reusable" e lure more profitable economically - with careful operation it will serve you for years. The task of the device — to allure fish to the area of fishing from other part of a reservoir, and result of catching of the allured fish depends on all those factors on which fishing and in any place depends at all times: tackles, baits, experience of the fisherman, good luck and so forth. Thus, use of the device increases chances of the fisher of success in the absence of fish in a fishing place, keeping thus an intrigue of process of catching. "FishMagnet-2" is suitable for fishing in the summer and in the winter, both in fresh water and in salty water. The device is powered from the battery with a large number of charge cycles. A fully charged battery lasts up to 120 hours of continuous operation, the process of charging takes less than an hour. The depth of use, the location of the device and bait usage time for fish get out empirically by depending on the type of fish, composition water, density and water temperature, time of year and day, structures of a reservoir or the water area, used tackle for fishing.




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FishMagnet-2 electronic fish bait